Driven by a real passion for our profession, the Fidès recruitment agency team does not only send CVs, but also well-documented competence files, placing its IT and Digital candidates and its clients (banks, FINTECH or large companies in Luxembourg) at the center of our concerns. A unique approach that explains its success.  


Exclusive mandate

Recruitment under exclusive mandate

Exclusive mandate

Most of the services provided by our recruitment firm, specialized in IT and Digital, are carried out under an exclusive mandate. Within this privileged framework, we build close relationships with our clients, analyzing more finely, with their human resources and their managers, the needs of the company.

Of course, Fidès recruitment can also be carried out under a classic mandate.



A headhunting service for strategic positions


The Fidès headhunting service is exclusively for middle or top management positions - i.e. positions with high strategic stakes.


Outsourcing package

A 360° view of the recruitment process

A la carte services

When a company has no Human Resources department, Fidès recruitment can manage the whole process of recruiting to a post in the IT or Digital field. We can take charge of recruitment in its entirety, finding someone to meet your needs, signing the contract and checking that the new recruit settles in well.


Profile analysis

Candidates that meet your expectations


Our human approach to recruitment and our success in Luxembourg have been recognized by recommendations that have led some companies to entrust us with certain human resources consulting missions, such as the qualification of profiles during internal recruitment processes. As IT and digital specialists, we use our own technical and linguistic testing platform to evaluate our candidates. This ability to analyze and understand expectations and challenges is of interest to our clients who are sometimes faced with several profiles for a high-stakes position.

Fidès, the key to your IT and digital recruitment

The real added value of Fidès is its good understanding of the IT and digital business, as well as its passion for people: highly strategic in the financial sphere, these positions must first be correctly understood in order to find the most suitable candidate who will flourish. Whether it is for exclusive recruitment services (or not), headhunting or to meet specific HR needs, our commitment and involvement remain the same, to obtain the full and complete satisfaction of our clients and our candidates.


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